Initial Meeting

Our design process begins with a meeting in your home to discuss your needs and goals for your cabinetry.  It’s important that we take the time to truly understand how you live in your home, so we can provide you with a product that suits your lifestyle.


Once a design agreement has been signed, and measurements have been taken, the first iteration of the cabinetry design is created.  We take everything into consideration – appliances, plumbing fixtures, organizational systems, lighting, electrical locations – when creating the plan.  Perspectives and elevations help you visualize your project and finalize the design.  Finished door samples allow you to touch and see your cabinetry’s finish, color and style.

Price Presentation

After finalizing the materials and plans, we provide the project price.

Cabinetry Construction

Now that the design and budget are finalized, a contract is signed, and we begin to build your cabinetry.  Using our arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience, our team of craftsmen provide homeowners with the finest quality cabinetry.  It takes an average of four to eight weeks to complete the building phase, but it can take longer depending on the project’s scope and complexity.


Our installers are meticulous, ensuring a smooth and safe process when delivering and installing your custom cabinetry.

Questions or Comments?

Windham Hill Custom Cabinetry serves clients all across southeastern Wisconsin.